Felsham Hedge Fund

The Felsham Village Hall Car Park Enhancement Scheme

About fifteen people contributed and over £100 was raised.

Thank you very much


A Felsham Green Hedge Fund has been started to raise funds to enhance the car park with hedges and shrubs. The plan to "green" the car park, so that it becomes a more attractive space in keeping with Felsham's Conservation status, is in three stages.  It is hoped to begin planting by the end of February this year.

Part A:  Proposed new hedging and shrubs alongside wire fence and in front of Recycling Centre. 

Part B:  Proposed new hedging in line with current trees about 1m back from current hedge. Current hedge to be removed when new hedge reaches maturity to allow safer access to car park.

Part C:  Development awaits decision on extending the Village Hall building.

Christopher Bornett (Parish Councillor)


By admin on February 13th, 2013

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