Meadow on Lower Green

Following a rise in national awareness about the loss of 97% of England’s meadow land since 1940, local interest in creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly maintenance regimes for some of the grass areas in Felsham and Gedding, and the large number of people who indicated in the Parish Plan that they wanted to become involved in Environmental issues, the Parish Council in Felsham have decided to trial a traditional lowland meadow on part of Lower Green. 
In practise this means that an area around the edge of the green will continue to be mown short as will a strip across the green to the public foot path and Playing field; the rest will be left to grow naturally until late summer when it will be either cut or grazed by some local sheep that have offered to help out with this task!
Since the grass was last cut at the end of April, a quick survey has indicated over 20 different broad leafed flowering plants in evidence with over a quarter already flowering. Though more difficult to identify without their flowers there are half a dozen grasses easily seen with at least three of these flowering. As old undisturbed grass land it is probable that there are many other species present, all good news for a host of native butterflies and other insects that rely on these for food and shelter and are themselves suffering through loss of habitat.
Further information about England’s lowland meadows can be found on the web sites and
Further notes on the progress of Felsham’s very own meadow will be included in the Village News from time to time. If you wish to make any comments about the Meadow please contact the Parish clerk (Paula Gladwell 01449 737942 or any of your councillors.  We are keen to hear your thoughts. 
The Village News is also keen to know any history of how the greens were (or were not) maintained in the past.  Please send your articles to the Village News via email ( or pop in the letter box of Apple Tree Cottage, Lower Green and these will be published in future editions.

By admin on May 23rd, 2013

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