"The G&F" magazine

"The G&F" is an exciting new publishing venture which features articles written by the people of Gedding and Felsham.  The subject matter is varied but most have a relevance to our locality.  It is hoped that the magazine will appear at least once a year and provide a new platform on which local people can express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas. On sale now in the Felsham PO Stores.

Topics include:

  • The Ash Tree Crisis
  • The Questionnaire - a local resident responds
  • A short story about moving to Suffolk from London in the 1950s
  • Living in Felsham and renovating old houses
  • Morris dancing
  • A biography of Sir John Tilley
  • Gardening: Garlic chives
  • Local history - Farm sales
  • Poetry: The Felsham Green Man
  • "Gedding Winter Scenes" photographs

Any profits from the sale of the magazines will go to the Felsham and Gedding Churches and the 'Village Hall Car Park Hedge Fund'

See Bury Free Press coverage of our new magazine here

By admin on January 4th, 2013

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