The result of the Governments wish to hand more power to the public allowing them to hold Parish Councils to account has been to remove councils such as ours with a turnover not exceeding £25,000 from the routine external audit regime from 2017. Instead we are now subject to the requirements of the new Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.

The new code requires relevant Parish Councils to make available, by publishing, information regarding their accounts and governance, their draft minutes, agendas and information on their own, or via the District Councils, website.

Using the links below you can access all the information which is now required to be published online all of which is also available directly from the parish clerk on request as it has always been in the past.  


Year ended 31st March 2022

Year ended 31st March 2021

Year ended 31st March 2020

Year ended 31st March  2019

Year ended 31st March 2018

Annual Returns - End of Year Accounts, Annual Governance Statement & Internal Audit Report

Certificate of Exemption from External Audit

Annual Governance Statement

Statement of Accounts

Significant Year on Year Variances

Expenditure Items over £100

Bank Reconciliation


Financial Reports 2020 - 2021

Certificate of Exemption 2020 - 2021

Financial Reports 2019 - 2020

Financial Reports 2018 - 2019

Financial Reports 2017 - 2018

Financial Reports 2016 - 2017

Financial Reports 2015 - 2016

Financial Reports 2014 - 15

Financial Reports 2013 - 14


Items of Expenditure 2018 - 2019

Items of Expenditure 2017 - 2018

Items of Expenditure 2016 - 2017

Items of Expenditure 2015/2016

Items of Expenditure 2014/2015

List of Councillor responsibilities Councillors

Asset Register

Privacy Notice

Freedom of Information Requests for Information Policy FOI Guide

Code of Conduct 2014 Suffolk Code of Conduct

A register of interests must be filled in by each councillor. They must include their own pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests and must also include the pecuniary interests of their spouse/parner with whom they live. Please contact the clerk for further information.

Councillors Register of Interest Forms